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Brifen USA Inc., based in Oklahoma City, OK, is part of a family of companies primarily focused on the manufacture and installation of roadway traffic and safety products in Oklahoma. 

Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence (WRSF) was first introduced to the U.S. for a project on Lake Hefner Parkway in Oklahoma City.  The 6-lane high speed facility had seen four crossover accidents resulting in seven injuries and four fatalities.  Unfortunately, one of the deceased was an employees' son, which spurred a personal effort on our part to help Oklahoma DOT find a solution to prevent future crossovers.

Studies initiated by Oklahoma DOT looked at the usual guardrail and concrete barrier wall options, but they ultimately decided the Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence (WRSF) four rope system was the best solution.


Never before used in the US, the Brifen WRSF system was developed in England by Bridon Ropes, Ltd. in the 1980's. With concurrence by the Federal Highway Administration (FWHA), the Oklahoma DOT had seven miles of the Brifen WRSF installed on an experimental basis.

This initial project and subsequent experimental sites in Colorado, Iowa and Ohio began the 20+ year journey we've taken to help state and local agencies achieve their goals of Towards Zero Deaths! 

The Brifen WRSF products are and have been exclusively manufactured in the United States since 2002.

And we take it personally Because our Families Drive where you do.

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