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Why Brifen?

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Most Real-World Experience
  • First high-tension system in the world (developed in 1980's)

  • Installed in the US (2000)

  • Over 50 years worldwide and 20+ years in the United States

  • More crash testing than any other design

Patented Interwoven Cables
  • Weave creates "mini-anchor" at each post due to high rope to post friction

  • Predictable deflections, even in long fence runs

  • Limits extent of system damage

  • Stays serviceable after anchor hit

  • Performance around curves - weave reduces
    chord effect seen in non-woven rope designs

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Extensive Crash Testing
  • Dozens of developmental and EN 1317 tests prior to introduction to US

  • Tests up to 595m (1952ft) between anchors compared to typical NCHRP 350 test of 100m (328 ft) or less by other systems

  • Fully NCHRP 350 tested to TL-3 and TL-4

  • Meets minimum required tests per FHWA for MASH 16 for Level Terrain (3-10, 3-11, 3-17)

Low cost repair
  • Typical 30 minute repair means less time workers are exposed to traffic

  • Only 1-2 workers needed for most repairs

  • No terminal trigger post means less likely to lose system tension

  • Readily available replacement parts

Customer Support
  • Initial guidance, specification, and system layout support

  • Industry leading contractor support for installations

  • Training for maintenance & first responders

Colorado DOT

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