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The Spreader Tool

Repairing Brifen USA High Tension Cable Barriers just became a whole lot easier and safer thanks to this new spreader tool which works with both our NCHRP 350 TL-4 and MASH O-Post systems.  

Cable Spreader Tool.png


The battery powered unit utilizes an Enerpac battery powered hydraulic pump ideal for jobs that require a combination of portability, speed, and safety. The lithium-Ion battery provides superior run time, even under extreme job site conditions.

Battery Powered - Hydraulic Pump Rope Spreader


This Klein rope grip model is recommended by Klein for the 19mm cable for our system. It can be used to tension cables during installation or for repairs. Only flat jaw style grips meeting this model load rating should be used.

Rope Grip (Klein #1685-31)


Eye bolt can be used temporarily in the MGT to tension the ropes. Eye bolt should be removed after tensioning activity is complete.

Eye Bolt W/ Nut (5/8"X 8")


The Dillon tension meter is used to check tension on all Brifen systems. The meter ships with an infrared thermometer, batteries, laminated instructions and tension chart, and comes in a sturdy secure travel case.

Tension Meter Kit


Pry bar is used to remove damaged posts after an impact.

Klein Pry Bar


U Bolt clamps are used to maintain tension on the ropes until the run is terminated at the trailing anchor. Only use one clamp per rope per post. These clamps are only used on the O-post series.

U Bolt Cable Clamp


Use to make a permanent connection of a threaded terminal to the end of the cable. Please contact our office if you are interested in purchasing a used swaging machine.

Swaging Machine

Quick Start

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